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The Dashboard Assessment

Learn the exact system I use to visualize the strengths and weaknesses of a dashboard.

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The Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Learn visually, understand instantly

- Rely on proven principles
- Build better data products
- Give your data a better impact
- Avoid technical fluff and long researches

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The Dashboard Interview Guide

Helps you develop the right product, for the right people, for the right need.

- Extend the lifespan of the dashboards you develop
- Build the right dashboard, for the right audience
- Accelerate development
- Talk to the right people
- Avoid endless revamps
- Save design timeĀ 

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Hi, I am AurƩlien Vautier, a Data Visualization Designer with a passion for design and data.

I have trained and coachedĀ hundreds of Data Analysts, BI Engineers and Data visualization creators.

Since April 2023, I've been publishing a series of illustrations to popularize various data visualization concepts and make them more accessible and impactful. If you want to improve your Data Visualization and Data Analysis skills, feel free to follow me or contact me.

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