The Dashboard Assessment

Learn the exact system I use to create better design and great dashboards that users love.

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From cluttered and ineffective to valuable and useful dashboards

The Dashboard Assessment is a holistic tool designed to help you get the answers to the following questions:

  • Is the dashboard aligned with the user's needs, pain points and current knowledge?
  • What are the impacts of the data volume and quality?
  • Is this the right type of dashboard for this purpose?
  • How well was the dashboard has been designed?
  • Is the dashboard reactive enough?
  • Is the data clean and accurate? 

What Data Professionals are saying:

Unlock the Training Course Instantly

Learn the exact system I use to visualize the strengths and weaknesses of a dashboard.

  • 90 minutes video training
  • 10 actionable lessons
  • The Dashboard Assessment template 
Access for $99 $79

Visualize the relevance of your dashboards

The Dashboard Assessment contains:

  • Access to the Dashboard Assessment training videos
  • A 36 questions form
  • The assessment (template)
  • Example of a full assessment
  • Lifetime Access to the Dataviz Clarity private community
Access for $99 $79

Useful at any time

Whether you are :

  • brainstorming
  • interviewing users
  • discovering the data
  • sketching with end users
  • developing the dashboard
  • brainstorming with colleagues
  • reviewing the dashboard after publication in production

The assessment checklist is there to guide you.

Access for $99 $79

Lifetime Access Included

A community to encourage sharing between those who want to learn and those who can teach others.

Purchasing the Dashboard Assessment grants perpetual access to the community (for now)

Hi, I am Aurélien Vautier, a Data Visualization Designer with a passion for Design and Data.

I have trained and coached hundreds of Data Analysts, BI Engineers and Data Visualization designers.

Since April 2023, I've been publishing a series of illustrations to popularize various data visualization concepts and make them more accessible and impactful. If you want to improve your Data Visualization and Data Analysis skills, feel free to contact me.