The Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Designed for Data Analysts, BI Engineers and Data Visualization Designers.

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Stop wasting time looking for the right chart

The Dataviz Clarity chart chooser lets you : 

- Brainstorm with your audience
- Quickly decide on a chart family
- Find a chart based on the audience maturity
- Find a chart that could fit your end users needs
- Disqualify certain misleading or overloaded chart

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What Data Professionals are saying:

Learn effortlessly from insightful illustrations made with passion.

The illustrations featured in The Fundamentals:
- Convey educational insights with an aesthetic minimalist style
- Offer new perspectives on Data Visualization
- Spark thought-provoking discussions

Get Instant Access to:
- Lifetime access to these resources and incoming illustrations created for The Fundamentals
- Chart chooser
- And more than 40+ illustrations in High-Resolution (.png) 

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Layout and color formatting

Learn how to use spaces and margins to improve readability

Cognitive Load

Master cognitive load reduction through a serie of methods

Chart Selection

Understand the appropriate chart selection based on when, why, and for whom

User Experience

Adopt UX design methods to create user-centric Data Visualization


Discover the history of Data Visualization and its secrets

Data Products

Don't confuse dashboards, reporting and data analysis anymore

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Hi, I am Aurélien Vautier, a Data Visualization Designer with a passion for design and data.

I have trained and coached hundreds of Data Analysts, BI Engineers and Data Visualization designers.

Since April 2023, I've been publishing a series of illustrations to popularize various data visualization concepts and make them more accessible and impactful. If you want to improve your Data Visualization and Data Analysis skills, feel free to contact me.